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To succeed, EV businesses have to be sustainable. AB Motoss has designed its Dealership Acquisition Program in such a way that the cost of dealership acquisition is lower than competing businesses. We could achieve this by putting into action, our years of experience in the auto industry.

Our effective supply chain makes it possible to work with the low inventory at the dealership end, making it possible for it to plan its running costs.


Why join AB MOTOSS?

Low Investment

Start your dealership with just 10-15* lacs of investment

Attractive Margin

AB Motoss provides one of the highest dealer margins in the EV industry

Reliable Partners

An AB Motoss dealer is an extension of the company and we go all out to make you profitable. 

To the Future with Love! Together!

Dealership Interest Form

AB MOTOSS does not charge you for the application process. Applying through this form does not automatically guarantee an AB MOTOSS dealership. Our team will get in touch with you with further steps.